Monday Blog: Labour Market research on the island of Ireland

The fifth all-Ireland inter-disciplinary annual Labour Market conference took place in NUI Maynooth on 12th May. The biggest such conference yet, it drew participation from trade unionists, researchers and policy analysts from across the island. An overview of the 32 presentations at the conference is now available here Image removed. . The theme of precarious work was very much to the fore of the conference with presentations from across a number of disciplines.  Presentations by NERI staff included the following:

Paul Goldrick-Kelly:   The Fiscal Implications of Demographic Change on Public Health Spending: An Update

Tom McDonnell:    Internal devaluation policies and their impacts during the great recession

Paul MacFlynn:   Productivity in NI: Strengths and Weaknesses

Ciarán Nugent:    A time-series analysis of precarious work in the elementary professions in Ireland (2004-2015)

Lisa Wilson:    Is any job better than no job? Assessing the quality of jobs in Northern Ireland

This Institute is delighted to continue working with various institutions of higher education across the island in hosting this annual event which is now a landmark one and the only one of its kind. We are also very appreciative of the help we receive from the Central Statistics Office and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency in continuing to access data on the labour market which underpins our research.

As always, our colleague Louisa Gavin made it all possible.

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Tom Healy

Tom Healy was the Director of the Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI). Tom has previously worked in the Economic and Social Research Institute, the Northern Ireland Economic Research Centre, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the National Economic and Social Forum and the Department of Education and Skills.