External event contributions

The NERI team regularly present our research at range of conferences and seminars.

Additionally we also contribute submissions to parliamentary committees, regulatory bodies and government consultations.

External event contribution

Submission to Budgetary Oversight Committee

Executive summary Overall, there is little evidence the economy was overheating in 2018. In this context, our view is that the structural balance was marginally in surplus in 2018 with a plausible range of 0.0% to 1.0% of potential output. The economy is likely to be overheating by the end of 2019...
External event contribution

Presentation to Private Sector Commitee: Prospects for Private Sector Wages 2018/2019

The Republic of Ireland's labour market is tightening, albeit not yet overheating. As such, the prospects for real wage growth for workers continue to improve. In this presentation we assess the state of the Republic of Ireland's labour market and look ahead to the potential for real wage growth in...