External event contributions

The NERI team regularly present our research at range of conferences and seminars.

Additionally we also contribute submissions to parliamentary committees, regulatory bodies and government consultations.

External event contribution

Options for Investing in Early Childhood Education in Ireland

Presentation to the Conference: A Global Gathering for Early Childhood Dublin, October 17th 2013 Abstract: Children are central to the long-term success of any society and economy; of course they are a lot more than that. However, taking the narrow focus of economic policy and long-term investments...
External event contribution

How did Austerity Affect Ireland?

Presentation made to Finnish Delegation (MANDATE offices) Since 2008 the Irish economy suffered a massive fall, with one in every seven jobs being lost. There are two reasons for this. One is the collapse of a banking and construction bubble. The other reason is the effect of austerity. Since 2008...
External event contribution

Retraining and Activating the Distant Unemployed (paper)

p>Across Europe the socio-economic impact of the recent recession has left no greater scar than on the labour market and in particular on the large numbers who have found themselves long-term unemployed. Over that period Ireland rapidly moved from full-employment (4%) to high unemployment (almost 14...