8th Annual NERI Dónal Nevin Lecture WEBINAR


Date and time

19 January 2021


15:00 - 15:50

The Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI) is delighted to announce that Professor Emeritus Cormac Ó'Gráda, UCD and Irish Economic Historian will give this year's 8th Annual NERI Dónal Nevin Lecture.  It will be run as a Zoom webinar.


The details are as follows: 

Title:  The Irish Economy After A Century

Presenter: Professor Emeritus Cormac Ó'Gráda, Irish Economic Historian & Professor Emeritus of Economics at UCD 

Date: Tuesday 19th January, 2021

Time:  15:00 - 15:50

Platform:  Zoom webinar

Layout of Zoom webinar: 

Professor Emeritus Cormac Ó'Gráda will have a 45 minute interview with Dr Tom McDonnell, NERI Co-director.  This video will be streamed live from the studio in the ICTU offices to the Zoom webinar.  Subsequently, questions can be asked through the Zoom Q & A function.  Dr Tom McDonnell  will co-ordinate the questions and present them to Professor Emeritus Cormac Ó'Gráda. 

Details of Lecture:  

Economies are as entitled to their anniversaries as famines, wars, and cities.  Here my focus will be on the achievements and failures of the Irish economy - or economies - since independence in 1920-1921, and what they meant for ordinary people.  We will discuss the issue from two complementary perspectives.  On the one hand, much of the Irish story has more in common with economic trends elsewhere than generally realised.  So we can learn a great deal by, say, comparing trends in Ireland to those in the rest of western or north-western Europe, or by comparing developments in the south to those in our sister economy to the north.  On the other hand, there are differences, some policy-induced and some the products of history, which make Ireland’s economic history since independence unique and interesting. 

Bio for Professor Emeritus Cormac Ó'Gráda:

Professor Emeritus Cormac Ó Gráda is an Irish economic historian and professor emeritus of economics at University College Dublin. His research has focused on the economic history of Ireland, Irish demographic changes, the Great Irish Famine, and the history of the Jews in Ireland.


The webinar is open to all who are interested. However, you must register your intention to attend the webinar by contacting [email protected] or on the link above.  

The link to the Zoom webinar will be emailed out to all who have registered a few days before the 8th NERI Annual Dónal Nevin Lecture webinar.


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