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Brexit, Tourism and the border

Last week my colleague Paul Mac Flynn in this same column warned about the need to ensure that people are not left behind, in our increasingly more probable, crashing out of the European Union without a deal. Like many other Brexit commentators, Paul Mac Flynn is of the opinion that there is no use...

Brexit - an example of radical agnosis

Not knowing how or when or what is part of the human condition. The Brexit process has reminded us of this especially as ‘deadlines’ and ‘agreements’ are pushed out and out. If we have learned one thing through the process it is that nothing is agreed until all is agreed and that all or most of...

6th Annual NERI Dónal Nevin lecture

The Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI) Annual Dónal Nevin Lecture took place on 12th December, 2018 in Queen's University Belfast.

Being Brexit ready (the case of housing)

As the time left to B-day on the 29th March next shortens, many organisations and individuals are making their own preparations. While a Withdrawal Agreement is far from certain at the time of writing this blog, it does appear that there is a considerable momentum to avoid a 'no-deal' situation as...

Immigration and low pay

Over the last number of weeks there has been increasing discussion over what the United Kingdom’s immigration policy will be once it leaves the European Union. Despite playing a disproportionately large role in the debate at the time of the referendum, the issue of immigration has since taken a back...
External event contribution

Brexit - What now?

Brexit - What now? - slides from SIPTU BDC on 3 Oct 2017 by Paul Mac Flynn