Employment Trends in the Republic of Ireland - A regional perspective

Employment has been increasing in the Republic of Ireland since its post-crisis nadir in 2012. The effects of the financial crisis were disproportionately felt across Ireland’s eight NUTS 3 regions and the returns to employment from Irish growth have benefitted some regions more than others.

 Dublin is closest to pre-crisis levels of employment in the third quarter of 2016 whilst the Border and West regions are furthest from their peaks. At the same time the capital is experiencing high levels of inward migration whilst some rural counties, especially in the West are seeing outward migration.

 Sectoral growth and the sectoral composition of the regions have widely mirrored national trends (see inBrief no. 40) with the exception of Dublin.

 This Research inBrief examines the distribution of employment gains regionally and shifts in sectoral composition within regions.

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