8th Annual NERI Labour Market Conference 2020 webinar - Differentiated Labour Markets and Distributional Issues

Find the video from day 2, session 3 of the 8th NERI Annual Labour Market Conference 2020 webinar held on 18th September, 2020 as a Zoom webinar. This session on 'Differentiated Labour Markets and Distributional Issues' was chaired by Dr Lisa Wilson, Senior Economist, NERI.

Presentation were made by the following people: 

Dr Robert Sweeney, TASC

o Income Inequality in Ireland

Dr Mathew J Creighton, UCD

o Anti-immigrant sentiment and educational mobility in Europe

Dr Ivan Privalko, ESRI (joint paper with Associate Research Professor Frances McGinnity, Mr Eamonn Fahey & Ms Shannen Enright)

o Origin and integration: migrant flows and labour market outcomes

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